Why Pay For New Movies? Trade With An Online Marketplace

November 14, 2011 by admin

According to Forbes Magazine, Bill Gates claims that DVDs will be obsolete by the year 2014. Also, according to a recent Fox News poll, 42 percent of all Americans prefer streaming movies to buying or renting DVDs. In truth, not everyone is ready to give up his or her DVD player just yet. However, people are also becoming less willing to spend $20 on a DVD, and the DVD is now struggling to keep market share as it competes with streaming and Blu-ray.

Online DVD trading fills in the gap and different companies utilize different business models. Websites like SwapaDVD.com offer customers the chance to trade their old DVDs for new and different titles. SwapaDVD.com awards customers with one DVD credit after they post their first ten DVDs for exchange. After that, sellers are free to begin exchanging and will receive one DVD credit for every DVD they send out to a buyer.

If another person wants to purchase a DVD from a seller, then the seller packs the DVD and ships it to the buyer at his or her own expense. In exchange for the disc, the seller receives one DVD credit that may be applied toward other movies. If a buyer wants a DVD that is currently unavailable on the website, then the buyer can post the title on his or her wish list. When the desired movie becomes available on SwapaDVD.com, the buyer receives an email notification.

Swapping DVDs instead of buying them at a retail outlet saves a significant amount of money. Also, the selection on many trading websites is quite good. SwapaDVD.com, for example, has nearly 250,000 titles currently available for exchange in its marketplace.

Many savvy traders are swapping their old DVDs for new Blu-ray discs to build up their Blu-ray libraries. Other traders simply prefer their DVD player to streaming movies on their computers, and they don’t want to buy a Blu-ray player just yet. Whatever their motives, many shoppers are taking advantage of trading movies online instead of paying full price at a DVD retailer.

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