Save Money By Trading Games With Others Online

November 14, 2011 by admin

Affordable and enjoyed within the comfort of one’s home, video games, movies and music are favorite forms of pastime entertainment for many. They eliminate the expenses that accompany an evening out with friends and offer a solution to the younger generation who as yet aren’t allowed such excursions. Plus, with the abundance of online marketplaces, there’s the added convenience of ordering a new video game or Blu-ray movie online and knowing that it will arrive at your door.

Now while there are certain items considered a staple of any media collection, or the individual favorites one would never part with, over the years there inevitably also develops a growing pile of overrated films, completed video games with subpar story lines and graphics, and albums that were bought for a single track — which you’re now tired of. What does one do with them? Well, there’s an option whose convenience matches that of the original online purchase: online trading. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Today, those highly-anticipated video games can cost as much as $60 on release day, and a trade-in at retail stores like GameStop or Best Buy will net about half of that. And while the latter also accepts movie — and now CD — trade-ins, store credit is offered in return, thus limiting one’s purchasing power the merchandise Best Buy carries. That’s why online trading services like, as featured in The New York Times, are an excellent alternative. As the name suggests, here you can swap your merchandise with other members online. Just list the items you have and you’ll see a list of items you can trade for. It’s as simple as that. Another convenient option is, where free shipping is offered, and what’s great about it is the credit obtained can be used towards any one of the millions of items sold on Amazon!

Just when it’s needed the most, the online-trading service offers consumers the option to stretch their dollar even further. A win-win for all.

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