Why Online Movie And Game Trade Services Are A Better Alternative To In-Store Trading

November 14, 2011 by admin

Trade-in movie and game discs are a profitable branch of an entertainment store’s business income. Companies like Gamestop, Best Buy and Blockbuster allow customers to sell gently-used games and movies for a fraction of the original price that the customer paid for them. Then the company sells the used media to other customers for a price that’s still lower than buying a new copy but allows the company to make a profit on the transaction. It’s a good situation for all parties involved. The old owners get money for movies and games they no longer want. The new owners get discounted prices on games or movies in exchange for buying used copies instead of new ones. The companies make their profits by being the middle man in the transactions.

However, trade-in movie and game customers may be overlooking an even better deal by only patronizing brick-and-mortar stores. Online trade-in marketplaces can often offer better pricing, selection and convenience than in-store ones. In-person stores have to keep certain operating hours and are usually closed on major holidays and during late night hours. An online store offers shopping times regardless of the day or time. This means that customers can shop for used movies or games whenever it’s convenient.

Online trade-in stores also have more selection than in-person stores. Local stores only receive trade-ins from local traders, limiting what they have in stock. Online trade-in stores receive used movies and games from all over the country, giving them more selection to offer. Customers looking for rare discs or special editions are more likely to find them browsing an online trade-in marketplace than a local in-person one.

Pricing is also a benefit to online shoppers. When a trade-in company prices its merchandise, its overhead costs play a part in the determination. A physical brick-and-mortar store has more expenses than an online one because it has to pay rent, utilities and sales staff. With less overhead, an online trade-in marketplace can sell its merchandise at much lower prices, giving buyers more value for their money.

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