The Cheapest Way To Trade Movies, Music and Games Online

November 14, 2011 by admin

Trading movies, music, and games online is faster and more convenient than going to a brick-and-mortar store and waiting online. The process on many of the major sites specializing in trade-ins is simpler and more streamlined. Sellers also get to bypass the pushy salespeople, present at many games retailers, who try to convince them to purchase paid memberships, to pre-order various games, or to enroll in paid programs the sellers have no interest in.

Many trade-in sites offer free shipping and other incentives. Another advantage of online trading is that the trading sites will typically have the prices they pay already listed, unlike game stores, where typically the seller does not know how much he or she will make before actually getting to the store. It is also very easy to compare pricing online and picking the site that offers the best deal. There are many trading sites, and many of them offer competitive incentives for trading in games, movies, or music CDs.

Most trading sites are dedicated to CDs, DVDs, and games. The major exception is Amazon, which launched its games trade-in program in March 2009. Amazon lets sellers print a label and ship their games to Amazon for free. Sellers get paid by having an Amazon gift card deposited into their account, which can be used for any Amazon product, not just other games. is an example of a major dedicated trading site, where one can trade CDs, DVDs, and games, as well as buy new and used music, movies, and games. If a seller sells three or more items, then buys something, they ship their trade-ins to Spun for free. Spun offers further incentives for buying used items by sending a box and shipping materials for free as well. Sellers get instant online credit, and Spun offers real-time price quotes.

Online trading is easy and hassle-free. Most sites offer various incentives, such as free shipping and discounts on purchased items. Trading online enables greater price transparency and a fast way for sellers to compare prices and get the best possible deal.

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