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  1. Played Your Games To Death? Trade Them In For New Ones Online

    November 14, 2011 by admin

    Most video games aren’t playable forever. Either the storylines are only entertaining once or the gameplay is too disappointing to continue using the game. Sometimes the owner has just played the game to death and isn’t interested in it anymore. These old games don’t have to sit on the shelf collecting dust though. Players can trade them in for new games with trade-in marketplaces.

    With trade-ins, the customer sells the game to company for a fraction of what a new version of it costs. The newer the game being sold, the more money or credit the customer receives. The customer can then take the profits to go buy a new game to play. The company then sells that old game to another customer for less than what a new version costs but more than it bought it for, making a profit in the process.

    Stores like Best Buy and Gamestop offer these trade transactions in person, but gamers should consider online marketplaces instead. Online stores operate all day and night, which means that customer can trade and buy whenever they have the time and an Internet connection. Online stores are more likely to deal in all sorts of game titles too. Local stores are limited in what they can buy and what they have to sell based on the area’s supply and demand for games. Online stores work with traders and buyers all over the country, so the supply and demand for games is larger.

    Perhaps the best reason to try an online game trading company is the price. Without the expenses traditional stores have, online stores have less overhead to factor into their prices. This makes prices for selling a game higher and the prices for buying a game cheaper. The store passes these benefits onto its customers, making it a more profitable option for game traders. So the next time a game has overstayed its welcome, take a look online for trading options. Better prices, more convenience and a wider selection make it a better choice for trading old games for new ones.

  2. Online Trading Marketplaces: The Cheapest Way To Get New Movies, Music and Games

    November 14, 2011 by admin

    Everyone has unused books, movies, and CDs lying around. These items take up space, but people are reluctant to get rid of them because the return is often so little. Throwing these items away while they are still perfectly usable is wasteful. Trading them in at a retail store, on the other hand, often yields a very small financial return. So what’s the best course of action for these items?

    An online trading marketplace offers a new, better option for those who want to maximize the use of their home entertainment collection for the least amount of money. These sites allow members to list their unwatched, unlistened to and unread movies, CDs, and books as available for trade. They are then allowed to choose which items they will accept in return. Some of these sites, like Swap-It-Now.com have no membership fees and allow users to both list and swap items for free. This allows any member to trade in one of their seldom used entertainment items for a new one at little cost to them.

    The advantages to this are numerous.

    First of all, users can trade for new things instead of paying retail prices for them. Secondly, users receive more for their trade than they would at a store that allows buybacks. Reselling an item back to a store returns less than was originally invested in the item. Oftentimes, a trade-in can return less than half of what was originally paid. This means that a person would need to sell back several old things in order to obtain a new one. This isn’t a problem with a trade, where users can trade like for like.

    Thirdly, a trade doesn’t add to the piles of unused clutter around the home but simply replaces an unused item with a more desirable one.

    And last but not least, users still ultimately end up with new things!

    So for anyone who is in need of a something to read, watch, or listen to, without spending a lot of money, online trading marketplaces offer the best possible solution to their quandary.

  3. Get Value For Your Movies And Music By Trading Them Online

    November 14, 2011 by admin

    In a world where many people carry their movies and music collection around in their pocket, CDs have lost some of the importance in popular culture that they’ve had in prior years. Instead of letting them gather dust on shelf or in a box in storage, many consumers are trading to online stores for cash or credit. The process helps free up space and bring money in for movies and music the customer isn’t using anymore.

    Popular music and movie trading destinations include Best Buy and Gamestop, but these in-person stores don’t offer the same perks trading online does. Instead customers should try online trading marketplaces for their movie and music discs. The most obvious reason is the price. Companies like Blockbuster and Best Buy have to factor in their overhead expenses in the prices they offer their customers. Expenses like rent, utilities and store staffing affect the amount the company is willing to pay for trade-ins. By low-balling the seller, the company can make a higher profit when it resells the CD to another customer. Online trade-in marketplaces have less expenses and can pass that onto their customers by offering higher returns on trade-ins.

    Online trading companies also offer more value in their selections than brick-and-mortar stores. A traditional store can only buy and sell based on the local needs. If there’s not a demand for a movie or music CD in the area, it may not offer much or anything for the trade-in. Also, customers looking to use the money or credit to buy new music or movies may be disappointed because a traditional store is limited by what it has in stock currently. Online trading companies are buying and selling with the entire country in mind, so they’re more likely to buy a larger selection of trade-ins than local stores. Also, since they take trade-ins from a large area, they’re more likely to have unusual, rare or special editions in stock. Consider this and the price for the music and movie that traders will find more value in.

  4. Get New Music By Trading With Others Online

    November 14, 2011 by admin

    The most recent trend of trading in your old games, music, and movies has made it possible to explore so much more while trying new things. There was a time when you would buy the latest video game and play it for hours on end only to finish it or get bored with it. The games are typically so expensive that your budget can only handle buy a few games each year. The same thing goes with movies. It is expensive to spend $15 on a movie and then watch it only once or twice.

    Today you have the option of going to a retail shop and buying a movie or game and then trading it in for a different movie or game once you are finished. It is a fantastic option that makes playing games and watching movies more economical. The question is, why get into your car and drive all over town to do this when you can sit on your computer at home and do the same thing? You will no longer waste money on gasoline or waste your valuable time. Everyone is very busy and your recreational time is very valuable. This makes trading your games, music, and movies online an appealing option.

    There are several companies offering you the option of streaming your movies online. For a monthly fee, you can sit at your computer and watch as many movies as you want. It is a simple and easy process allowing you to enjoy hours upon hours of fun. You can watch the movies at your own convenience. Think of how much better trading games online is than actually buying them. How disappointed and angry do you get when a game you bought was not as fun as you thought it would be? When trading games online, you can get rid of a game that turns out to be lame. This also gives you a great opportunity to expand your horizons. Trading music gives you the chance to avoid being stuck with a CD that has only one good song.